Meeting Time – Screening at the Taipei C̶o̶n̶Temporary Art Center, Taiwan

12 July 2020, 5pm

We set a time to meet. We adjust webcam position, and change between different spots of the room.
We meet each other in front of screens, through the video streaming and mirror image of ourselves.
We found ourselves going in and out during our meeting time. We tried multi-channels to connect to the emotional body
behind the screen in an isolated room, exchange glances, smile slightly, hand gestures, messages and emojis.
We meet images. We read images in projection time which augmented in physical space.

In the book »Fragments on Paracolonial« by Taiwanese researcher Huang Chien-Hung,
he wrote about the importance and possibility which »meeting time« could provide in the digital era which
internet technology accelerates the speed of image production and distribution. If cinema has revealed that the
world is a flow of images and that the world of images is in continuous variation, and artists are the initiators of the meeting time
who pick up and find the missing parts of the history in the image stream. Through work of montage, artists activate the atlas
where different times and places come together to meet and give new significance to the images and archive.
The 7 video works in Meeting Time interrogate the confrontation and coexistence of different relations between the images and cultural memory.
Monuments, statues, historical reenactments and museums host meeting time for people to encounter »image – history«.
How artistic productions intervene »history-image« mechanism and challenge established models?

Screening curated by Yuhsin Su

Divided Monologue
Clemens von Wedemeyer
digitized slideshow, 80 slides, 11:29, 2007/2020

Performing monuments
Katrin Winkler
HD, 15:07, color, sound, 2018

Stefania Smolkina
HD, 04:36, color, sound, 2020

Tramagit Brazil
Louis Hay
HD, 08:41, color, sound, 2019

a returning course of movement
Katrin Esser and Sarah Veith
HD, 13:34, color, sound, 2018

Time of the Last Wastelands
Lars Preisser
2K 16mm scan, 14:23, color, sound, 2019

Schneewittchen (Snow White)
Thadeusz Tischbein,
2K, 19:40, color, sound, 2017

Performing monuments by Katrin Winkler