IOV Show No.3 –  Jan-Luca Ott

The IOV Isolation Online Video Show started during the Corona Virus lockdown and will feature short online videos by members of the expanded cinema class at HGB Leipzig. The next video is by Jan-Luca Ott.

IOV Show No.3 –  Jan-Luca Ott, Distance 04:40min

At the end of March 2019 events roll over while the Covid-19 pandemic is spreading worldwide. People who are currently abroad take the last flights back to their native countries before the borders are being closed.
Due to the crisis the world is facing, millions of people are watching the news to be informed about new infection numbers and government actions against the pandemic.

It seems like there is no time to think about a time after the pandemic.
The crisis has accelerated a process of change that has begun long before the pandemic:
A return of the idea that physical borders as necessary condition for the restoration of national identity.

A confrontation with the future rather than the present gives a chance of inventing new strategies of emancipation and resistance and of realizing that our health is not dependent on boundary drawing and isolation.