Solidarity with Ukraine

Solidarity with Ukraine and support for refugees fleeing from war and repression.

We show solidarity with the people of Ukraine who are forced to defend themselves and flee in the face of the Russian Federation’s war of aggression. For those who want to get more information and get involved, here are some selected links:

The Ukrainian Emergeny Art Fund is rasing funds for artists in Ukraine. –>

The initiative “LISTOK – Leipzig Initiative for Solidarity and Open Culture” aims to open up spaces and immediate help for international colleagues in exile who are trying to escape war and repression. –>

Our school HGB Leipzig offers several possibilities to study and continue your studies in Leipzig. Please find more infos in several languages here –>

Further ressources collected by Harun Farocki Institute. „In the attempt to contribute to the distribution of information on organizations, initiatives, and networks of support and aid, this list of links may complement already existing repositories (overlaps could and should not be avoided), and it will be augmented continuously from now on.“ –>

Backstories: Video: Ukrainian Dispatch – Solidarity as Cultural Praxis during Wartime

Destroyed artists studios in Kyiv, 2022 source: Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund